The biggest turn-off while using an online platform is encountering a downtime, especially when you need to do something urgent – like checking your account for anxious customer’s payment status or making a payment when the Black Friday sale is ending in an hour!

With High Availability, it means that there’s only 0.001% chance that the above can happen. And that means 99.999% smooth business and all year round for us, merchants and customers!

But what does High Availability really means?

It’s pretty straight-forward – availability refers to the time that a system is operational and accessible. Thus, having High Availability (HA) environment means that our system is able to operate full-time and continuously throughout the year.

99.999% Operation Time

Availability is measured relative to “100%” where it never ever fails. A difficult-to-achieve standard of availability for a system or product is known as “five 9s” which means 99.999 % availability. If a system guarantees 99% availability in a year, means they can only have 1% downtime that equals to 3.65 days per year. Our system guarantees 99.999% availability which equals to only 5.26 minutes of unplanned downtime a year!

Planned vs Unplanned Downtime

Planned downtimes are crutial for routine operations, periodic maintenance, and upgrades, whereas unplanned downtime can happen due to system faults, data and media errors, and site outages. To qualify for High Availability, we are prepared for the unplanned – having multiple datacenters & network, and also hardware & data backups.

External Downtime

As a payment solutions provider, we are linked to many external partners that operates separately. All the banks and financial institutions’ availabilities varies and are beyond our control. We do work closely with our partners and update our merchants as fast as possible.

High Availability = High Reliability

It’s a huge responsibility that we are proud to carry, because being highly available means you can count on us! Rest assured, our team across 4 countries works around the clock to ensure that your payments can be processed all day, everyday. If you do encounter any problem, email our support team, and they’ll try to reach you on the double.


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