What Is Splitit?

Splitit is the world’s only global cross-border payment solution enabling consumers to pay for purchases online or in-store with their existing debit or credit cards by splitting purchases into fee- and interest-free monthly instalments, without the need for a credit check, registration or application.

Merchants benefit by decreasing cart abandonment rates, increasing average order value and providing the most friction-free checkout process. The approval rate when using Splitit is higher than 80% compared to most consumer financing solutions’ which stand at less than 50%. Splitit is a global solution; it has the ability to operate and can be used by consumers all over the world. Furthermore, its solutions are omni-channel allowing them to be used online, on mobile and in brick and mortar stores.


What They Do

Splitit provides the business process and technology platform to enable merchants to offer instalment payments.


The Benefits of Splitit for Merchants


How Splitit Works


Monthly Payments

Shoppers can split their purchases into up to 36 interest-free monthly payments using their existing Visa/Mastercard.


Other Splitit Offerings

  • Buy Now, Pay Later
    Shoppers get the chance to try out items for up to 90 days, and then decide if they are going to keep it. Shoppers can then pay in full or start an instalment plan.
  • Split Pay
    Shoppers who do not have a sufficient available balance on one card can split their instalment payments across two different credit cards instead.



You should be! 35% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if offered the ability to pay in interest-free monthly instalment payments. You will also get 12% increase in sales! Contact our sales today to apply. Drop an email at sales.eghl@ghl.com